*S.E.X. Collection V.2*
*S.E.X. Collection V.2*

*S.E.X. Collection V.2*

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These items will be open from January 11 to Saturday January 19 at noon.

These items have a tentative 3 week TAT from the cutoff (January 19) and are scheduled to ship by Monday,February 11! The photos you see are mock-ups and the completed products will start rolling out on our Instagram page soon!

If you order regular stock items with the pre-order items, they will all ship out together - you have been warned! 

There are no limits to the amount of items you can order, combined with the week long pre-order opening, there's plenty of time for everyone to get exactly what they want! 

All items on our shop ship worldwide, and if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to reach out at moonbeamswaxmeltz@gmail.com


Let the feeling of love and happiness spread about with Moonbeams' version of Valentine's Day aka the SEX Collection!

Each set comes with one package each of the 12 scent. Our signature 2.5oz Moon Rocks come all dolled up for you to enjoy, share with that special someone... or someones! 


Banging- Fizzy, bubbling champagne explodes with notes of pine and pear. Hints of vanilla sugar and sparkling citrus will make you pop your cork.

Doin' It- Deep dark moist chocolate cake combines with creamy coconut milk and rich red velvet cupcakes to create a decadent delight topped with thick fudge icing.

Érotique- Blooming elderflowers and fresh herbs entwined with lemony magnolias and green leaves on a bed of bergamot, sandalwood, cedar and musk.

Foreplay- Melt in your mouth cotton candy, blended with sweet pomegranate lollipops and heaps and heaps of sugar.

Get On Your Knees!- Chapped genuine leather and wafts of musky wood steeped in the blackest of teas.

Kink- fresh, juicy, ripe peaches on a bed of golden brown crust and topped with whipped, fluffy Madagascar vanilla buttercream!

One Night Stand- Oh yeah, that just happened. We mixed all the liquors (like you did last night); the barrel aged bourbon, intoxicating maple whiskey, sweet almonds and swirled tonka bean. Rum, cognac and woods. It's all here and all happening. Get up, and make another notch in the bedpost.

Pay By the Hour- Pink pepper and saffron combine with the effervescent notes of tart lingonberries, zesty apples and Valencia oranges on a bed of bergamot, ebony wood, creamy vanilla and spicy red tea leaves.

Pleasure Unfolds- We took Tahitian vanilla and swirled it into fresh rosebuds, citrusy lemon cakes and drizzled each with hints of warm butter rum, and then topped them with a dusting of powdered sugar. 

Sex Magic- Rich Irish cream coffee swirls with deep dark espresso and rum with hints of buttery coconut and barrels of whiskey. Pure sex in scent form!

Walk of Shame/Strut of Honor- Warm up with sweet molasses, decadent crème brulee, and ooey gooey maple and brown sugar glazed cinnamon bread.

Wine, Dine & 69- Go every which way with the scent of red wine, and deep oaks. Dry woods and hints of rich country florals. You'll go head over heals for it!

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