The 'Simply Mint to Be' Collection

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As the weather grows warmer, it's time to allow winter to pass, and usher in Springs' new growth. The one thing that binds the two (for me at least), has always been mint, whether as a cold icy looming burst, or the warming green sprigs of peppermint growing in the garden, now is the time to welcome it as an old friend into our homes and melters!


Each set contains all five of our brand new Simply Mint to Be scents packaged up in 2.5oz Moon Rock bags ready to gift for other minty lovers, or adore yourself all season long!



The Enchanted Grove- Sparkling frozen eucalyptus leaves give way to refreshing peppermint and rosemary. The grove’s green leaves then delight your home in a summertime breeze accentuated by warm ocean spray and a blend of creamy yet earthy vanilla. It’s enchantingly beautiful!

Frozen Garden- The scent of a garden in bloom, and the sudden frost that swoops in one unsuspecting night! Plump oranges hanging heavy on their branches, get blasted with refreshing peppermint whipped winds, while earthy sage, chamomile and herbaceous basil all vie for your attention in the suddenly artic blast!

Ice Reign- Crisp and cool, herbal and creamy, Ice Reign has it all! Frosty spearmint leaves and cooling eucalyptus mingle seamlessly with hints of cedar and coconut on a creamy vanilla base.

Right on Thyme- This is truly the scent of my garden every summer. Thyme and mint, herbs and warmth all around my back yard. Chef’s kiss, it’s perfection. We allowed our favorite tiny petaled friend thyme to star amongst the ever spreading garden mint leaves while noted of woody accords, light lavender, and slight powder also make an appearance. It’s bold and yet gentle, ready to go and right on time…

This Twilight Garden- A nod to one of my favorite often overlooked Cure songs. This scent is quintessential Moonbeams, earthy and ethereal, and mystically beautiful! Bulgarian roses, oolong tea and heaps of cannabis flowers mingle amongst spearmint twilight skies. Brought together on a bed of eucalyptus and white musk it is sure to be a pleaser in your home no matter what the season!