*PRE-ORDER* 2018 Halloween Hootenanny Collection!
*PRE-ORDER* 2018 Halloween Hootenanny Collection!
*PRE-ORDER* 2018 Halloween Hootenanny Collection!

*PRE-ORDER* 2018 Halloween Hootenanny Collection!

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Fall is when Moonbeams comes alive! We were created out of a need of fall scents year round, so when the weather actually turns cool, we truly shine! The Halloween Hootenanny Collection combines 12 of our favorite scents from the past two years and brings them to you all wrapped up into one!

Let the melting hootenanny begin with these fine scents: 

  • A Demon to Lean On- Gingerbread and pumpkin with a black licorice twist!
  • Bat Out of Hell- This scent is the quintessential scent of fall. Heavily spiced mulled cider. 
  • Bewitched- Mashed sweet potatoes play host to dark buttery rum, spicy cinnamon, toasted brown sugar and vanilla beans, melted butter with notes of mulled fruits.
  • Carrie's Candy Corn- A special Moonbeams blend of vanilla candy with notes of butter and marshmallows.
  • The Coffin Bangers- Sinister blood oranges, fizzy ginger, blackberries, rose and a kiss of musk.
  • Count's Curse- The Count is back with chocolate and marshmallow overload packed in to every melt! A creamy chocolaty scent reminiscent of a certain chocolate Halloween cereal. 
  • Fat Bottomed Ghouls- A blend of deep dark bourbon, tangled moss, black cherries and heady musk!
  • Franken-Fun- Luscious strawberries and creamy, dreamy marshmallow, our take on the Halloween cereal treat! 
  • Here They Lie- Ground black cinnamon, black tea and smooth vetiver, rounded out on a bed of bergamot and jasmine.
  • Mephistopheles- Deep cherries & clove buds, cedar, dark vanilla, hints of patchouli and smokey tobacco leaves.
  • Samhain- Sweet Apple butter and pumpkin puree. 
  • Succubus- Spicy cinnamon & clove blended with sweet butter cream and brown sugar. 



The pre-order is happening so that we can make sure we are prepped and ready for fall! There are numerous items that fall into the pre-order category, all have been labelled *PRE-ORDER* at the beginning of their title. These items will be open until August 26.

These items have a tentative 6 week TAT from the cutoff (August 26) and are scheduled to ship the first week of October! The photos you see are mock-ups and the completed products will start rolling out on our Instagram page soon!

If you do order regular stock items with the pre-order items, they will all ship out together - you have been warned! 

There are no limits to the amount of items you can order, combined with the three week pre-order opening, there's plenty of time for everyone to get exactly what they want! 

All items on our shop ship worldwide, and if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to reach out at moonbeamswaxmeltz@gmail.com

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