Moon Phase Melt: Harvest Moon

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Since antiquity, lunar phases have governed all facets of life. The moon, ruler of the night and the mysteries of the dark, represents wetness, moisture, intuition, emotion, tides, the psychic moods and madness. It embodies time, for its phases provided humankind with the first calendar. 

And now, it's time to harness the energy of the moon, bring her into your home. The Harvest Moon comes but once a year and this melt, was particularly made to honor the October Moon.


Harvest Moon- Focus: Completion

This season- aptly shining on October 1 and welcoming October to the fullest, the Harvest Moon represents the completion of efforts (normally associated with harvesting the crops after growing all summer long) and the new bountiful harvest to be enjoyed in the hard coming winter months. Our Harvest Moon scent is perfectly spiced to enjoy your fruitful labor and welcome in cleaning and prepping for the fall season. Time to get out those Halloween decorations and start welcoming family into your home for the upcoming holidays. When melting this scent, we encourage you to release any negative feelings and memories and start fresh, de-cluttered, and ready to start anew!

Scent: A blend of Earthy spices, oakmoss, hints of sweet woodsy florals, and a heady full bodied steeped black tea all laid on a bed of cedar, amber and sandalwood!