Desperado Daydreams Collection
Desperado Daydreams Collection

Desperado Daydreams Collection

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Howdy ya'll! Every year around my birthday I celebrate by making a collection that exudes love and happiness, and this year more than ever we need some boot scootin, wilderness wandering, lassoing good times and may I present to you- Desperado Daydreams! This year I was supposed to trek out west, wind my car through the endless Colorado mountain paths, frolic among the saguaro's in New Mexico, let my soul free in the Arizona deserts, and end up with my favorite adventure partner on the streets of Los Angeles. But since I can't get to the desert, I'm bringing it to me... and YOU! 

I've curated a 5 scent journey through my favorite part of the world inspired by not only a location, but songs that remind me of them! Each set comes with all five cowgirl fantasy scents inspired by my favorite folk-country-punk musicians! Click the links to hear the songs that inspired each scent and get lost in the desert with me! 

Each set contains all five scents in our 2.5oz Moon Rocks packaging


Dime Store Cowgirl ~ (Kacey Musgraves) - She’s sweet and sassy and kinda classy her name is Ginger and she’s worked here her whole life! You'll want to be best friends with her enticing saffron and amber aromas- with roses, hyacinths, and woody musks aplenty.

Mescalito ~ (Ryan Bingham) - The scent of miles of cactus, their bright green towers shining with beautiful flowers, sweet agave, Valencia orange, soft musks and watery aloe with desert winds blowing burning Palo Santo and earthy patchouli.

Our Lady of the Campfire ~ (Frank Turner) - Bask in her burning glare as you pray to the embers glow. Billowing smoke, and dry fir needles incinerate among slight hints of clove, patchouli and smoldering orange rinds.

Queen of the Rodeo ~ (Orville Peck) - What do you smell more, the floral & greenery, or the leather chaps? Let our girly girl go up against the toughest of cowboys with hints of ozone, lilac and wisteria, clover and whispers of dark leather and spicy bergamot.

Whispers in a Shot Glass ~ (Elway) - The strongest glass of whiskey we could find, with it’s woodsy warm aromatics of maple, caramel and rum, blend seamlessly with Grand Marnier, with it’s chocolatey/clove-y scent make for one friend you’ll tell all your whispered secrets to. 

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