*Summer Splash Pre-Order STATUS!

*Summer Splash Pre-Order STATUS!

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We may not all be allowed to gather in backyards, or frolic through the waves like we want to, but who says we can't bring that fun indoors?!

Moonbeams has brought about a collection of 30 of our most sought after summer scents for your summer sniffing pleasure! These items will be open from May 1- May 10 and have a tentative 5 week TAT from the cutoff (March 10). Items are scheduled to ship on June 15!


  • May 1-10 Pre-order is open
  • May 11- SUPPLIES HAVE BEEN ORDERED- and are scheduled to start arriving by the weekend!
  • May 21-7/30 scents have been poured!
  • May 24- 10/30 scents have been poured! 



A Day at the Sandbar- Creamy coconut with fruity undertones- reminiscent of a certain suntan oil...

After the Party- A blend of jasmine and sage with hints of dry desert woods, Indian musks, frankincense and spices from afar.

Apiary- Sweet drippy raw honey with blends of almonds and vanilla, wildflowers, cocoa butter, and well… more honey.

Bedlam- A lush summer garden with clean florals, crisp apple trees, a cup of tea sitting on a cedar table and a squeeze of citrus and spicy ginger.

Bombay Beach- The sweet blend of an old fashioned vanilla cream soda and fresh summer cantaloupe!

California Sun- Let the sunshine in with orange blossoms and towering sunflowers! Fizzy peaches, tangerines, mandarins and a unique blend of amber woods.

Castillo Straights- Juicy mandarin oranges swirled on a bed of Tahitian coconut and creamy vanilla.

Chrome Flamingo- Tangy limes star in this new Moonbeams blend with milky coconuts, sweet agave and smokey brown sugar.

Crimson & Clover- Bursting with cedarwood, sage, rosewood and tuberose with garden spices of nutmeg and clove all tied together with a smattering of sour green apples, hints of baked pecans, patchouli and sweet persimmons.

Dawn in the Harbor- Let the sun come up over the water with ocean breezes on a warming morning. Salty marine notes with ozone, luscious honeydew melons, creamy avocado and woody oakmoss.

Day-O- Scented like a 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot BUNCH... of banana/coconut pudding pie.

Dragonfly Kisses- Summer sunshine combined with crisp rhubarb, juicy peaches, and sweetened Earl grey tea!

Field Holler~ Sweet peach nectar blended into warm hay, full bodied greenery, honeysuckle, and sun drenched oakmoss!

Hippie Chick- Hippie chick brings her spirit straight to your home with top notes of cannabis and lush green ferns opening up to gardenia, violets, white musk and warm golden amber. 

In the Flicker- A summer bonfire by the beach! Sea salts and aquatic florals combine with buttery, coconut creams, charred woods and warming brambleberry teas.

I Still Believe- Aquatic florals and sea moss are mixed with dewy green notes lead to a refreshing oceanic fragrance that is sure to send your senses into vacation mode! 

Lunar Lighthouse- Let the waves crash around you while aquatic winds blow through your hair. Oceanic botanicals swirl with salty ozone, slight sandalwoods and a hint of citrus.

The Nightmare of Milky Joe- Fresh coconut milk mixes with sweet nectarines and splashes of creamy vanilla bean.

Odyssey of the Octopus- Sweet mango and guava cocktails blend with island coconuts before the scent descends to the depths with salty ocean water, dark rums, and sweetened amber notes.

Our Lady of the Salton Sea- Breezy sea currents waft through with oceanic florals, sea salt spray, and hints of citrus, all sitting on a bed of water mint, cedarwood and vetiver.

Paradise Lost- Summer plumped raspberry vines entwined with clover and wisteria, a hint of sweet grass. 

Plain Sailing Weather- Salty sea breezes combine with a fall rainstorm, a gale at sea with notes of seaweed, green ozone and a hint of ocean florals. 

Rockaway Beach- Sweet iced berry lemonade, chunks of watermelon slices, and set forth before you; mountains of creamy, vanilla stretched taffy and towering ice cream scoops.

Shape Shift With Me- Mango, acai berry sweet pineapple strawberries, raspberries, and sweet passion fruit pair with red currants, juicy plums and sweet sugar crystals. 

Shark Attack- Delicious coconut rum, fresh pineapples, blood oranges, juicy honeydew and milky coconut. 

South~ Southern fancy at its finest! Fresh baked cornbread drenched in butter with hints of rum and vanilla and drenched in maple syrup! 

Sun Diego- Summery scents of beach flowers, ocean air and suntan lotion mixed with warm summer air and sweet melons! 

Thick as Thieves- Island pineapples and spiced rum play on a bed of decadent creamy coconut, dusky charred wood and hints of bergamot and smoke!

Walking Children in Nature- We’re taking you straight to Planet Tammie with towering redwood and cedar trees, crisp pine, Asian muskmallow seeds, dark olibanum, and earthy spices blended with fresh thyme, gala apples, and wild oranges!

Wish on the Moon- Plump black currants, juicy figs, peaches and vanilla and mixed with a blend of freshly brewed rooibos tea, and rose petals. 




These items will be open from May 1- May 10.

These items have a tentative 5 week TAT from the cutoff (March 10) and are scheduled to ship on June 15! The photos you see are mock-ups and the completed products will start rolling out soon!

If you order regular (RTS) stock items with the pre-order items, they will all ship out together when the pre-order is complete - you have been warned! 




If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out at moonbeamswaxmeltz@gmail.com

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