2018 Holiday Collection- The Witch in Winter

2018 Holiday Collection- The Witch in Winter

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Enjoy each scent of our brand new 2018 winter collection in one bundle! 11 new scents in our 2.5oz moon rocks format! We've poured our heart and soul into each of these scents that truly envelop the true Moonbeams aesthetic. Looking inward to yourself to spread your love and light outward. Shine on in 2019 Moonbeams! 


Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone) – A sultry blending of velvety florals, deep musk, with hints of black currants, honey, and woodsy notes.

Sorcery- Sweet luxurious figs, blended with oak and enchanting blackberries, orange zest, cassis leaf and vanilla orchids.

Around the Altar- Whipped peppermint swirled with tart apples on a bed of sweet French vanilla.

Grimoire- Fresh baked herb bread, with a thyme buttered crust, warmed with a cozy swirl of smoke.

Spell of Seduction- Herbaceous lavender blended with luscious citruses of lemon and lime, and ripe juicy apples on a bed of green flower stems, light florals and a hint of shimmering musk.

Believe in Magick- Cozy up with this warming scent of buttery oats swirled with sweet cinnamon, honey, crushed pecans, brown sugar and vanilla chai with a hint of smoked warm amber and resin.

The Calling Cauldron- Towering evergreen and cedar trees combined with warm exotic spices, bergamot and a bed of woodsy patchouli and sweet vanilla.

Venefica (The Femme Poisoner)- A cold enchanting blend of heavy dew while walking along cobblestones through a moist and lush garden after a heavy rain.

Invocation- An alluring scent of fresh rosemary, dark cherries, and warm patchouli with peppery undertones of warm woods and a deep vetiver.

We Rose From the Ashes- Creamy caramelized vanilla layered with burnt marshmallows, swirling pipe tobacco and smoky musky charred woods.

Offerings and Blessings- A comforting blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove with notes of festive pines and a surprise from buttercream cookies sitting by the fireplace.

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