Stephanie's Favorite's List

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**MBO - Moonbeams Original

A Ghoulish Delight- Spiced tea, ribbon candy and Christmas spirit! (*Formerly known as Krampus).

Apparition- A frighteningly sweet scent reminiscent of a certain "Berry Scary" Halloween breakfast cereal! Fresh blueberries mixed with sweet cream and endless marshmallows.

Bed Roll Lullaby– Fields of wild chamomile, with the aroma of white flowers, balsam and pine blowing in the breeze while you doze off using your leather saddle bag as a pillow. *MBO

Breakfast Shotz!- Fluffy spiced caramel and orange pancakes drizzled with a whiskey maple syrup make this the ultimate melt! *MBO

Desert Witch- White cactus flowers, lush foliage blended with green moss and cactus stems, and a hint of coconuts and spice. *MBO

The Edge of Night- Sultry Cuban tobacco leaves, spicy florals of jasmine petals, dark musk and amber, and distinctly provocative Oriental spices! *MBO

Fate & Finery- Sweet orange tea accented with fresh rosemary, nutmeg, warm patchouli and a slight garden blend make up this tantalizing scent! *MBO

Fingal's Cave- This melt has a winning combination of rose, cedar wood and cardamom that is comfortably light and airy!

Florida Water- Tangy grapefruit, rich vanilla, herbal sage leaves and a hint of earthy pine. *MBO

Fortuna Forever- Three different types of mint together to create an alluring blend of rich chocolate & buttercream with cool peppermint and the freshness of spearmint leaves! *MBO  

The Grove- A refreshingly juicy blend of ripened pears, crisp apples, peach blossom mixed with spiced cloves musky vanilla and Earl Grey tea. *MBO

Knotty by Nature- Tall cedar trees, endless pines, and rich fir blended with warm spices and a glimmer of vanilla musk. *MBO

Luna's Dance- The scents of jasmine, fresh brewed teas, and powdery florals. *MBO

McShingleshane Forest- Damp, earthen moss entwine with musky and woodsy patchouli.  *MBO

Mercy of the Waves- An earthy blend of rare driftwoods, spices and amber, a fresh rain on the open seas and a tidal musk. *MBO

MJ's Garden Party- A delicious concoction of afternoon tea cakes, honey covered scones, sugar milk, drizzled with blackberry icing and adorned with beautiful creamy bows. *MBO

Necromancer- Roasty, toasty marshmallows on a campfire. Dark and sweet! *MBO

The Northerner- Notes of honey, creamy caramel, cider spice, maple sugar and crunchy fallen leaves. *MBO

Our Lady of the Salton Sea- Breezy sea currents waft through with feminine florals, sea salt spray, and hints of citrus, all sitting on a bed of water mint, cedarwood and vetiver. *MBO

Plain Sailing Weather- Salty sea breezes combine with a fall rainstorm, a gale at sea with notes of sea weed, green ozone and a hint of ocean florals. *MBO

Reptilians- Refreshing lemon and lime slices mixed with sparkling soda and crushed mint leaves. *MBO

Riders on White Horses- A winter blast of bergamot and teak blend with hints of leather, oud, cedar and vetiver. Seductively manly, yet inviting in winter’s chilly months. *MBO

Ritual of the Maiden- Unique layerings of herbal tea leaves, orange zest, apples, cinnamon and nutmeg and a hint of worn leather. *MBO

Scrying- Watery leaves, brisk air and clean earthy sage blended with a touch of warm amber. *MBO

Shape Shift With Me- Mango, acai berry sweet pineapple strawberries, raspberries, and sweet passion fruit pair with red currants, juicy plums and sweet sugar crystals. *MBO

Shark Attack- Rum, fresh pineapples, juicy honeydew and milky coconut. *MBO

Sun Diego- Summery scents of beach flowers, ocean air and suntan lotion mixed with warm summer air and sweet melons! *MBO

Toadvine- A warm cozy cottage, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg lend their fragrances on a bed of vanilla. *MBO

The Truth is out There- With a blend of woods (to get abducted from) green notes (reminiscent of the little men), amber- vanilla- and orange blossom, this scent is Mulder and Scully approved! 

Unearthed- Long walks in the graveyard after a spring rain! Wafts of florals, white velvet musk and overturned earth. *MBO

Wail of the War Drum- This mysterious scent boasts dark exotic woods, deep vanilla, vetiver and sensual musk. *MBO

Wake the Dead- The strong scent of freshly brewed coffee, blended with cocoa powder, hazelnut, sweet buttercream and brown sugar. *MBO

When the Last Leaf Drops- Brown sugar and smokey campfires blended with cloves, creamy vanilla and brisk Autumn leaves. *MBO

Who's Gonna Dig These Graves?- A hauntingly fragrance of amber wood, and black vines entwined with aged bark, bergamot, sea salt and forest lichen! *MBO

Wish on the Moon- Plump black currants, juicy figs, peaches and vanilla and mixed with a blend of freshly brewed rooibos tea, and rose petals. *MBO

Witching the Well (5 Elements: Water)- Fresh morning dew, watery leaves, and brisk morning air. *MBO

Yggdrasil- Juicy mulberries and piping hot earl grey tea swirled together with an intoxicating aroma of clary sage, dried violets, winter musk and tea leaves all on a bed of vetiver and rich amber.

Your Familiar- Rosemary, eucalyptus, and thyme, with juicy ripe apricots. This scent reminds me of apricot jam on a toasted buttery rosemary bread! *MBO

**MBO - Moonbeams Original