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These scents make their debut but once a year!


**MBO - Moonbeams Original



A Demon to Lean On- Gingerbread and pumpkin with a black licorice twist! *MBO

Apparition- A frighteningly sweet scent reminiscent of a certain "Berry Scary" Halloween breakfast cereal! Fresh blueberries mixed with sweet cream and endless marshmallows. 

Bound & GaggedDark rum poured over green apples, spiced Chai, creamy caramel and toffee chips! *MBO

Carrie's Candy Corn- Smelling just like the tri-colored candy adorning candy bowls across the country all throughout Fall- Ours is a blend of vanilla candy with notes of butter and marshmallows! *MBO 

The Coffin Bangers- Sinister blood oranges, fizzy ginger, blackberries, rose and a kiss of musk! *MBO

Count's Curse- The Count is back with chocolate and marshmallow overload packed in to every melt!  Count's Curse is a creamy chocolaty scent.

Fall's Mortal Coil- A swirl of bourbon, pumpkin spices, ginger and tobacco. *MBO

Innocence Lost- Vanilla frosted pumpkin cupcakes and delicious glazed donuts. *MBO

Samhain- Sweet apple butter and pumpkin puree. *MBO

Trick or Treat (The Joke's On You!)- A poisoned apple with its tart juicy apple aroma topped with spices and something malevolent in every bite! 



I'm Ready for Dessert!- We paired sweet honey, puff pastry, vanilla custard and pistachio nuts with cinnamon and sugar to bring you the ultimate finale to your Thanksgiving meal! *MBO

MMM Cranberries- Fresh plump spiced cranberries with white spices that can be enjoyed year round! *MBO

More Ham Dear? We kept the scent light so that it's not to overpowering, yet the distinct oven fresh ham scent, coated in brown sugar is undeniable!

Pass the Rolls!- We took fresh baked bread roll to the extreme with this warming scent! 



Bah Humbug!- It’s warm with cherries, red wine, cognac and zesty citrus. *MBO

Candy Cane Lane- Sweet candy canes, peppermint bark AND peppermint cupcakes. *MBO

Cool Yule- Douglas Fir, Northern pine and Blue Spruce complemented with cloves and cinnamon, cedar and rosemary.

Crunk Christmas- A straight up delicious hot toddy in melt form!  

Eggnog Snog- Butter rum and eggnog, clove, and nutmeg sit on a bed of sweet vanilla, brown sugar and sweet cream. *MBO

Feliz Navidad- Cinnamon, creamy vanilla, coconut milk. *MBO

Fruit. Cake. - Combines candied fruit, baked sweet breads, syrup and sugar crystals, cherry, almonds and sparkling citrus. *MBO

Ginger Dead Men- Fresh out of the oven gingerbread combined with a piping hot cup of coffee blended with vanilla and cloves. *MBO 

Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum- Rum raisins, caramel cream swirls, topped with walnuts, vanilla beans and sweet bread. *MBO

Island of Misfit Toys- Juicy ripe cherries, and roasted chestnuts. 

Jack Frost- Fresh snowfall, and hints of minty leaves on a bed of amber, cypress, and vetiver.

No Presents For You!- Pine tree and spice mixed scent! Christmas trees, cinnamon bark, thyme, apples and bayberry. *MBO 

Prancer's Poop- Peppercorns, plums and spices blended with blackberries and oak moss. 

Santa Baby- Creamy vanilla and sweet buttercream frosting adorn Danish butter cookies with toasted sugar and a glass of sweet milk. *MBO

Slay Ride- Natural spruce and notes of balsam with snow covered pine trees. *MBO

Yule Log- The most perfect pine scent swirl with smoky firewood and a hint of earth. *MBO
**MBO - Moonbeams Original