Safety and Melting Tips


• Keep products in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight and use only for their intended purpose.

• Avoid eye area and do not consume.



While wax meltz don't necessarily use open flame (unless melting with a tea light burner) caution should still be used when melting to avoid possible injury/burning.

  • Place your melter on a safe/stable surface out of reach from children and pets and flammable items.
  • Pop in the desired amount of wax- *Do not overfill bowl, one to two squares is sufficient!
  • Turn on your burner, or light the tea light and prepare to be blown away by our unique scents! 
  • Do not leave burner unattended.
  • When it's time to swap out your scent- simply warm up the wax once more and sop up with a clean cotton ball (or paper towel), and dispose.



Moonbeams Wax Meltz is not responsible for any damages, loss, or injuries due to improper use of our products.