• "Stephanie makes a lot of very complex scents - she's very talented at concocting blends that, to me, smell like they belong in a niche perfume house, or the back room of a tarot card reader's shop in New Orleans." - Joslyn, California
  • "How does this spooky lady do it?? Every Moonbeams order I make ends up smelling so amazing! I will always break a wax-ban for these beamz!" - Rylee, New York
  • "This was one of my first purchases from Moonbeams and it was love at first whiff! Great for meditation, ritual work, focusing or just for when you want your hobbit hole to smell gorgeous." - Amanda, Massachusetts
  • "Seriously, cannot rave enough over this company already! From scent, to packaging, to affordable prices...they are definitely a small business to check out!" - Alanna, Rhode Island
  • "Not only are the melts pretty AND affordable, but they smell fantastic! I don't think I'll ever buy wax melts from Wally World again." - Masi, Nevada