Pre-Order Phase 2 Scent Descriptions

**MBO - Moonbeams Original


The Maharaja- Fresh lemons and fields of strawberries with unique ginger, dark musk and rare rosewoods. *MBO

Malleus Maleficarum- Top notes of smoky dragons blood, mysterious cedar-wood and earthy patchouli blend together on a bed of floral undertones. *MBO

The Master You Serve- Exotic spiced amber blended with dark vanilla musk and a hint of jasmine. *MBO

Mephistopheles- Deep cherries & clove buds, cedar, dark vanilla, hints of patchouli and smokey tobacco leaves. *MBO

The Midnight Special- Creamy vanilla ice cream folded into tart blackberries and marshmallow fluff, with a Moonbeams twist of green sage leaves and a hint of herbal spice! *MBO

MJ's Garden Party- A delicious concoction of afternoon tea cakes, honey covered scones, sugar milk, drizzled with blackberry icing and adorned with beautiful creamy bows. *MBO

Mundungus & The Lady- A beguiling duo of Mediterranean coriander, white lime, Thai Basil and Italian Bergamot with hints of cedar and woodsy pine and citrus zest! *MBO

My Bloody Valentine- creamy dreamy white cake blended with Madagascar vanilla and buttercream frosting and topped it with freshly made raspberry jam! *MBO


Necromancer- Roasty, toasty marshmallows on a campfire. Dark and sweet! *MBO

No Stranger to Regret- A scrumptious blend of aromatic peaches, mango, mandarin and orange flowers whipped up in fluffy vanilla cream. *MBO

Nomad By Fate- Raspberry blossoms, white lily, fresh ozone and a hint of apples on a bed of French Bordeaux wine and bright tonka musk. *MBO

The Northerner- Notes of honey, creamy caramel, cider spice, maple sugar and crunchy fallen leaves. *MBO


Offerings & Blessings- A comforting blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove with notes of festive pines and a surprise from buttercream cookies sitting by the fireplace. *MBO

Old Gregg!- You know the scent, the earthy herbal blends of black pepper, vanilla, and peppercorns, but now it’s time to know the merman the myth the legend that is Old Gregg! Lush- Lord of Misrule Dupe

The Old Woman's Cottage- A warming scent that blends nutmeg and cloves with creamy creme brulee, and warm teas swirled with condensed milk. *MBO



Palisades- Luscious blueberries baked with sweet vanilla beans, English Thyme, brown sugar and spiced cinnamon with hints of Spanish rosemary, and musk! *MBO

Paradise Lost- Summer plumped raspberry vines entwined with clover and wisteria, a hint of sweet grass. *MBO

Plains & Prairies- Rolled spiced oats with creamy caramel, maple syrup and fluffy marshmallow blend with woodsy patchouli and a hint of baked fresh apples and clove. *MBO

Pluviophile- Subtle rain droplets combine with water soaked leaves, damp brisk air, and hints of autumnal florals. *MBO

Prickle Thistle Bouquet- Japanese cherry blossoms blowing in a spring breeze with hints of blood orange, freshly bloomed tulips, whispers of wisteria, black roses and smoky woods. *MBO

PrimaDonna- Packed full of fresh juicy strawberries, tart rhubarb, buttercream and zucchini bread to bring you a fulfilling bundt of badassness! *MBO

Project MK Ultra- Sweet fluffy vanilla cake topped with Sweet juicy peaches and candied ginger. *MBO


Ravencroft- Fresh raspberry vines with lemon blossom, fresh picked basil, flowering lilacs and heaps of garden mint and sage. *MBO

Rebirth- Cocoa beans and crushed hazelnuts blend with smooth buttery rum, and warm sweet vanilla on a bed of spicy cloves, smoked caramel and smoky burnt cedarwood! *MBO

Reptilians- Refreshing lemon and lime slices mixed with sparkling soda and crushed mint leaves. *MBO

Run, Rabbit, Run- Fresh pumpkin blended with buttery pound cake, fresh squeezed oranges, creamy vanilla custard and dusted with nutmeg and clove. *MBO





Saddle Tramp- Heady scents of cloves and patchouli, bergamot, amber wood and just a touch of rose petals. *MBO

Saguaro Forest Saloon- A foreigners’ vanilla bean and cinnamon pastry, sweet vanilla spiced tobacco Cuban cigars and velvety cognac. *MBO

Samhain- Sweet apple butter and pumpkin puree. *MBO

Sassafras- The fizziest ginger ale we could find mixed with sweet root beer and rounded out with a dash of herbal horehound. *MBO

Savior of Misbehavior- Sweet sun-ripened strawberry jam are blended with creamy vanilla and spread on the most perfectly toasted buttery baguette. *MBO

Scrying- Watery leaves, brisk air and clean earthy sage blended with a touch of warm amber. *MBO

Sex Magic- Rich Irish cream coffee swirls with deep dark espresso and rum with hints of buttery coconut and barrels of whiskey. Pure sex in scent form! *MBO

Shattered Teacups~ Creamy milk is swirled into herbal white tea with hints of heliotrope, apricot kernels, yuzu and musky chamomile. *MBO

Sign of the Times- A wintery floral blend. Fresh bergamot, with hints of English greens, gardenias and sandalwoods on a bed of soothing white musk. *MBO

Snuffed- Smokey, herbal tobacco swirls with warm buttery vanilla, earthy black teas and an Oriental blended herbs and spices! *MBO

Solitude- This calming scent features a honeysuckle and aloe blend that is worthy of any bathroom melter. *MBO

Sorcery- Sweet luxurious figs, blended with oak and enchanting blackberries, orange zest, cassis leaf and vanilla orchids. *MBO

Spell of Seduction- Herbaceous lavender blended with luscious citruses of lemon and lime, and ripe juicy apples on a bed of green flower stems, light florals and a hint of shimmering musk. *MBO

Splendid Isolation- We took delicious plums and sweet ripened cranberries and mixed them with vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream and waffles.*MBO

Start the Killing (Season of Slaughter)- Freshly carved pumpkins on a warm fall evening with bonfire smoke billowing in the background. *MBO

Stay Free- Tahitian gardenia, neroli, bergamot, chrysanthemums, white musk, and cherry blossoms on a bed of vanilla buttercream. *MBO

Summer's Bounty- A dewy August morning, the breeze blowing through towering oaks- the scent carrying freshly fallen leaves, green apples and geraniums with hints of rolling fields of dried herbs, geraniums and mums. *MBO



Talks with the Barn Owl- Musky oud wood combines with cedar smoke, and warm vanilla with background notes of tobacco, amber and forest greenery. *MBO

Thick as Thieves- Island pineapples and spiced rum play on a bed of decadent creamy coconut, dusky charred wood and hints of bergamot and smoke! *MBO

Tigerlilly's Revenge- warm spices mixed with buttery vanilla pound cake and rounded out with a delicious cup of pipping hot sweet orange tea*MBO

The Tramp- A beautiful blend of tart blackberries and summer citrus with Turkish roses, violets, jasmine and geranium on a bed of tonka bean, cedar and musk! *MBO

Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone)- A sultry blending of velvety florals, deep musk, with hints of black currants, honey, and woodsy notes. *MBO

Tumblestone- Enchanted green forests, their towering cedar and pine trees are the opener to cloves, orange blossoms and hints of raspberries, hints of patchouli and sandalwood, oakmoss and grassy herbals round out this scent!



Unearthed- Long walks in the graveyard after a spring rain! Wafts of florals, white velvet musk and overturned earth. *MBO

Venefica (The Femme Poisoner)- A cold enchanting blend of heavy dew while walking along cobblestones through a moist and lush garden after a heavy rain. *MBO

Villa Franca- Freshly picked zesty Italian lemons blended with coriander, lemongrass and warm vanilla- with just a hint of cream! *MBO



Wail of the War Drum- This mysterious scent boasts dark exotic woods, deep vanilla, vetiver and sensual musk. *MBO

Wandering Star- Ripe bananas mix with coconut milk, clove, bergamot and sugar crystals to lay a foundation for juicy strawberries and sweet whipped cream! *MBO

Welcome to Atlanta- Juicy ripe peaches and oranges are blended with vanilla champagne fizzies *MBO

We Rose From the Ashes- Creamy caramelized vanilla layered with burnt marshmallows, swirling pipe tobacco and smoky musky charred woods. *MBO

Welcome to Atlanta- Juicy ripe peaches and oranges are blended with vanilla champagne fizzies *MBO

We Rose From the Ashes- Creamy caramelized vanilla layered with burnt marshmallows, swirling pipe tobacco and smoky musky charred woods. *MBO

The Witching Hour- Fresh herbal sage leaves entwined with sprigs of rosemary and a hint of lavender wafting in the breeze. *MBO

Your Familiar- Rosemary, eucalyptus, and thyme, with juicy ripe apricots. This scent reminds me of apricot jam on a toasted buttery rosemary bread! *MBO


**MBO - Moonbeams Original