Moonbeams 'Ode to Penhaligon's' Scent Collection

The Moonbeams ‘Ode to Penhaligon’s’ Collection

A brand new collection featuring 14 fragrant delights from our favorite British perfume house!


The Banks of Halfeti- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Halfeti’) – (Oud)- Halfeti, a small village off the banks of the Euphrates river is ancient and beautiful, let its beauty tell a new tale with tangled  black roses, robust grapefruit and orange blossoms, shining in the moonlight on a bed of cinnamon leaves and ambered musks.

Blasted Blooms- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Blasted Bloom’) – (Floral)- Come with us now to the English coastline, high up on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, a perfect scent for those looking to freshen up their homes and bring nature inside! Clean salty aquatic air wafts about while amber-white musks, hawthorns, and delicate roses surround your feet. The powdery clean and mossy scent is perfect to enliven the room!

British Bluebells- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Bluebell’) – (Floral) – Also known as Princess Diana’s favorite perfume, we wanted to pay tribute to two idols in one. Endless fields of the vibrant blue perennials dazzle the senses with dewy wild bluebells, luscious hyacinths, violets and delicate lily of the valley. It’s elegant and regal, full of wonder and whimsy!

Changing Constant-(Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Changing Constance’) – (Oriental)- A modern scent that stars with peppery pimentos, benzoin and cardamom mingle amongst dark vetiver.

Empress- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Empressa’) - (Chypre)- Peaches star amongst flowering hyacinths, and rich, spicy woods.

Fussing Over the Duke- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Much Ado About the Duke’) – (Floral)- He’s a real fancy boy! Bubbly and aldehydic, he’s sensual and seductive, but with a twist about him that tickles heartstrings! Nighttime roses, mingle about with fresh herbs, crisp woods and a snap of gin!

Luxor- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Cairo’) – (Oriental)- Travel down the Nile with us on a sunset cruise, with complex Saharan roses, blooming labdanum, and a refined ancient patchouli scent.

Opus 2021- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Opus 1870’) – (Woody)- Prepare to be dazzled by something new! Refreshing Japanese yuzu brightens your world mingling with mediational Agarbatti incense drifting through your home. Light and warm!

Noble Oak- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Quercus’) – (Citrus)- A refined blend that combines moss covered cobblestones with moist rain-soaked oak bark. Sweet hyacinth and lush basil leaves round the scent out nicely!

The Revenge of Lady White- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘The Revenge of Lady Blanche’) - (Floral)- You’ll be guilty by association with this new scent!  Heady and delicate, floral, spicy and oh so dangerous! Violet like Orris dally around with soft yet potent hyacinths, and at the heart of this vengeful scent… Narcissus flowers!

Sartorial (Type)- (Fougere)- Beeswax, oakmoss, vanilla, suede and spices all appear in this signature Penhaligon’s scent! It’s dapper and delicate all in one.

The Sleep of Endymion- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Endymion’) – (Woody)- An ode to the son of Greek god Zeus (as well as the French painter Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson who captured Endymion’s spirit perfectly in his 1791 painting)- Moonlight shines upon our dear Endymion sleeping peacefully on a bed of black suede amongst fresh greenery, and bergamot, warm bodied musk and wafts of coffee. It’s sharp and befitting for those looking for a new elegant scent!

The Tragedy of Lord Louis- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘The Tragedy of Lord George’) – (Fougere)- Noble, with shaving cream heaps, woodsy tobacco leaves, and classic warming bay rum. It is elegant and tragically sophisticated.

Violetta (Type) - (Floral)- Sweet violets star in this timeless scent, while delicate green geraniums help round it all out. A woody cedar and musky base help to bring this velvety mysterious and yet oh so glamourous scent to life!