Tropical Beach Bash Scent Restock!

For our 5th Anniversary (our little Moon baby is growing up so fast!) we're throwing a summer beach bash with 42 of our favorite summery and tropical scents AND debuting two brand new deeeeelicious beachy blends!


Returning Scents:

A Day at the Sandbar- Creamy coconut with fruity undertones- reminiscent of a certain suntan oil… but with an extra Moonbeams twist!

After the Party- A blend of jasmine and sage with hints of dry desert woods, Indian musks, frankincense and spices from afar.

Area 51- Pucker up with mouth-watering lemon, juicy strawberries and tart blue raspberry candy, come back to a familiar sweet spun sugar treat! It’s a tangy, zesty, sweet treat!

Bohemian Grove- Ripe juicy peaches, wild Indian oranges, starfruit and tart cranberries.

Bombay Beach- The sweet blend of an old-fashioned vanilla cream soda and fresh summer cantaloupe!

Born to Lose- We mixed fresh ripe banana, tart banana, added in creamy vanilla and grape ice cream!

Bubblegum Bitch- Super sugar blasted bubblegum blended with fruity lemons and lime, oranges and plump strawberry/banana swirled vanilla goodness!

California Sun- Let the sunshine in with orange blossoms and towering sunflowers! Fizzy peaches, tangerines, mandarins, and a unique blend of amber woods.

Castillo Straights- Juicy mandarin oranges swirled on a bed of Tahitian coconut and creamy vanilla.

Chrome Flamingo- Tangy limes star in this new Moonbeams blend with milky coconuts, sweet agave and smokey brown sugar.

Day-O- Scented like a 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot BUNCH... of banana/coconut pudding pie.

Following the Equator- Watery musks and seaweed play host to salty sea spray, fern, orris, green ozones and driftwoods.

Grape Pop- Grape Pop is sure to excite the senses with its fizzy (yes it smells fizzy) sweet grape scent! Grape goodness set on a creamy soda background- YUM!

Hakuna Ma Fuck It- Bubbly club soda and gin with grapefruit citrus accents, delicate florals all rounded out with balsam fir, fresh rosemary, and crisp cedar- it's like a big whiff of Tamworth's Garden Flora Gin for the masses!

In the Flicker- A summer bonfire by the beach! Sea salts and aquatic florals combine with buttery, coconut creams, charred woods and warming brambleberry teas.

Interstellar- Insanely zesty lime juice, muddled mint & agave with... is that tequila we sense? What kind of space trip would it be without it?

Like, Seriously?- Sweet bamboo shoots combined with casaba melons, plums, rosewoods and sparkling sea spray.

The Longshoreman’s Lament- Aquatic florals of watery ferns, sea mosses, and salty breezes swirling among crisp watery mints, ambers, tangy ocean mist and never-ending dune grasses.

Lunar Lighthouse- Let the waves crash around you while aquatic winds blow through your hair. Oceanic botanicals swirl with salty ozone, slight sandalwoods and a hint of citrus.

Mercy of the Waves- An earthy blend of rare driftwoods, spices and amber, a fresh rain on the open seas and a tidal musk.

Monsoon Swoon- Coconut milk and Malibu rum wash over your senses with suntan lotion breezes, and mouthwatering pineapples, peaches and papayas entrance you to another level!

The Nightmare of Milky Joe- Fresh coconut milk mixes with sweet nectarines and splashes of creamy vanilla bean.

No Stranger to Regret- A scrumptious blend of aromatic peaches, mango, mandarin and orange flowers whipped up in fluffy vanilla cream.

Odyssey of the Octopus- Sweet mango and guava cocktails blend with island coconuts before the scent descends to the depths with salty ocean water, dark rums, and sweetened amber notes.

The Old Man & the Sea~ Fresh pipe tobacco combined with an intricate blend of stormy ocean waves, coastal pines, spicy cloves, Italian mandarin and zesty limes.

Our Lady of the Campfire- Billowing smoke, and dry fir needles incinerate among slight hints of clove, patchouli and smoldering orange rinds.

Our Lady of the Salton Sea- Breezy sea currents waft through with oceanic florals, sea salt spray, and hints of citrus, all sitting on a bed of water mint, cedarwood and vetiver.

Plain Sailing Weather- Salty sea breezes combine with a fall rainstorm, a gale at sea with notes of seaweed, green ozone and a hint of ocean florals.

Radtastic- This is the ripest, sweetest, juiciest watermelon with heaps of mint.

Red Pop- Fresh juicy strawberries on a creamy fizzy soda background make this a truly delectable scent!

Rockaway Beach- Sweet iced berry lemonade, chunks of watermelon slices, and set forth before you; mountains of creamy, vanilla stretched taffy and towering ice cream scoops.

Sand in the Gears- A fabulous blend of musky seaweed, blue agave flowers, green ozone, sandalwood and salty sea breezes.

Sea Witch- Sweet orange flowers and towering sea kelp play host to salty water crashing upon smoky crackling beach fires. This scent is so complex with wildflower honey, hints of sandalwood and wafts of watery florals.

Shark Attack- Delicious coconut rum, fresh pineapples, blood oranges, juicy honeydew and milky coconut.

Stardust- Juicy, plump raspberries blend with vanilla cream soda and just a touch of minty ice cream!

Sun Diego- Summery scents of beach flowers, ocean air and suntan lotion mixed with warm summer air and sweet melons!

Suns Out, Buns Out- A grapefruit fizzy gin drink blends with honeydew and limoncello, while breezes of salty tropical ocean flowers, envelop you in the perfect summertime scent.

Thick as Thieves- Island pineapples and spiced rum play on a bed of decadent creamy coconut, dusky charred wood and hints of bergamot and smoke!

Wandering Star- Ripe bananas mix with coconut milk, clove, bergamot and sugar crystals to lay a foundation for juicy strawberries and sweet whipped cream!

Weapon of Sass Destruction- This sweet little tart is a lemon drop dream! Four different lemon blends come together with nuances of citrus peels, lemon glaze, lemon cakes and candies galore!

Yachtly Crew- Warm summer breezes soar amongst rocky coastlines, driftwood & palm leaves. We let shimmering coconut, seaweed and wild violets co-headline this summer smash hit!

You Look Like I Need a Drink- Tangy guava mixes with pineapples, limes, lemon and passion fruit inside of a giant margarita cup.



      New Scents:

      Calypso Cove- Nothing says tropical island paradise like an idyllic costal cove brimming with the scent of banana leaves, pineapples swaying in the breeze, with sweet sugar cane and heaps of sage rounding out this incredible new scent!

      The Prince of Tides- Let a quiet night on a seaside beach whisk you away with the scent of salty tidal waves, crisp sea spray and billowing sea grasses.