This holiday season Moonbeams is going darker than we've ever gone before. Inspired by Norwegian black metal, and the darker side of church, Chaos Reigns brings your darkest thoughts to the burning light! 7 brand new darkly delicious blends, done only the way Moonbeams can!



Prayers Unheard- We let the ‘holy wood’ Palo Santo shine in this delicious new scent. A mild sage and cedar blended scent that we paired with exotic florals, hints of citrus, pears, and a slight hint of warming vanilla.

Exsanguinate- Spicy mulled oranges blend with Bulgarian roses, cedars and cannabis. Dragon’s Blood and sandalwood, flow freely with sensual woods and oolong teas.

The Sinister Awakening- Awaken your darkest desires with a walk through the cold forest. Evergreens play host to this transitional blend with dewy winter air, dried leaves, and earthy greens, heady musks, fresh chopped woods and plump juicy berries. A real sinister experiment that only Moonbeams can provide...

Stigmata- Blood will flow with a strong glass raised of the deepest merlot we could find. Spices from foreign lands, and juicy winter berries, swirl with warm woods and patchouli, hints of licorice and amber aplenty.

Entombment- Internment has arrived. Your body becomes one with the ground and begins to live again as a newly sprouted field of mushrooms. Wet fungus and musk intertwine as you become one with the deep earth.

Noctem Aeternus- The long night has arrived with blooming jasmine, frosted mint leaves, and notes of ozone. Take it all in while surrounded by snow flurries, hints of ylang ylang and smoky vetiver and mysterious musky blends.

Aske (ashes)- Stand back from the smoldering ruins as ashes rain down around you. The heat from the flames tempts you as swirls of dry smoke wisp in the air. Strong hints of oak aged bourbon, hints of leather and gasoline tingle your senses.