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**MBO - Moonbeams Original

26 Temptations- Sweet gooey marshmallows enveloped in carmelized sugar, creamy vanilla frosting, rich chocolate, drizzled with smooth butterscotch and dustings of powdered sugar! Is that a hint of baked apples and spices swirled with vanilla sauce we detect? *MBO

A Changeling, I Presume- A warm and mysterious scent, combining dark woods of oak and rosewood with a lighter charm of soft lavender and crisp apples. *MBO

A Day at the Sandbar- Creamy coconut with fruity undertones- reminiscent of a certain suntan oil…

A Day-O at the Sandbar- A mash-up of two of our most summertime swoon-worthy scents! Coconut and banana cream pie embedded in a lush tropical suntan oil scent. *MBO

Baba Yaga's Butter Beer- The most warming scent we’ve ever made! Hot buttered rum, with notes of brown sugar, frothy cappuccino and dashes of clove! *MBO

Bar Breaker- It’s like cherry pie on steroids- heaps of pink sugar crystals, orange citrus cream and coconut aromas with thick creamy vanilla custard *MBO

Basic Witch-"Tea and Cakes" blended with the cult Fall favorite "Marshmallow Fireside" *MBO

Bewitched- Mashed sweet potatoes play host to dark buttery rum, spicy cinnamon, toasted brown sugar and vanilla beans, melted butter with notes of mulled fruits. *MBO

Bohemian Grove- Ripe juicy peaches, wild Indian oranges, starfruit and tart cranberries. *MBO

Bombay Beach- The sweet blend of an old fashioned vanilla cream soda and fresh summer cantaloupe! *MBO

Born to Lose- We mixed fresh ripe banana, tart banana, added in creamy vanilla and grape ice cream! Turn that frown upside down and remember, you got this! *MBO

Breakfast Shotz!- Fluffy spiced caramel and orange pancakes drizzled with a whiskey maple syrup make this the ultimate melt! *MBO

Cabazon- Cabazon combines sweet honey dew melon, ripe bananas, juicy strawberries and mangooooes rounded out with swirls of cotton candy. *MBO

The Cantina Can-Can - Fresh blueberries and creamy vanilla custard, blended with sweet honey on a bed of tea leaves and fresh herbs. *MBO

Castillo Straights- Juicy mandarin oranges swirled on a bed of Tahitian coconut and creamy vanilla. *MBO

Charades- Fresh juicy pears combine with tropical passion fruits and creamy vanilla along with soft musk, cantaloupe, citrusy limes and ripe plums round out this fruity and juicy scent! *MBO

Cheat Day- Chocolate café cake topped with drizzley frosting. *MBO

Chocolate Mexicano Caliente- Minty chocolates, butterscotch cream, hints of chocolate cake and the ever so slight hint of Mexican spice. *MBO

clockWERK! Orange- Juicy blood oranges mixed with sweet raw honey and just a hint of thyme. *MBO

Cross My Heart, Hope to Die- Warm chocolaty cake topped with sweet strawberry buttercream frosting. *MBO 

Dawning- Cinnamon spiced crimson pears, basted in maple butter and sweet honey layered on a bed of thick vanilla creme atop fluffy pastry dough.  *MBO

Day-O- Scented like a 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot BUNCH... of banana/coconut pudding pie. *MBO

Deadwood- Dark spiced bourbon blended with a creamy stout. Hints of nutty almond, rich vanilla, plums, butterscotch and raisins come together on a head of full bodied ale. *MBO

Detective Popcorn- His sweet caramel sauce graces fresh pop corn and sugary goodness. *MBO

Devil's Rose Jam- Turkish roses blended with fresh citrus and lemon make this melt absolutely divine! 

Doin' It- Deep dark moist chocolate cake combines with creamy coconut and rich red velvet cupcakes to create a decadent delight topped with thick fudge icing. *MBO

Dolly Cakes- Strawberry buttercream frosting combined with vanilla cake *MBO

The Dusty Trail- A bottle of orange and cinnamon spiced buttered rum with ooey gooey smores, and a hint of pine to mellow it all out. *MBO

Fate & Finery- Sweet orange tea accented with fresh rosemary, nutmeg, warm patchouli and a slight garden blend make up this tantalizing scent! *MBO

Florida Water- Tangy grapefruit, rich vanilla, herbal sage leaves and a hint of earthy pine. *MBO

Flounce- Madagascar vanilla cake, pink berries and vanilla sugar crystals, sweet buttercream and a hint of sweet & spicy cardamom. *MBO

Foreplay- Melt in your mouth cotton candies, blended with sweet pomegranate lollipops and heaps and heaps of sugar. *MBO

Fortuna Forever- Three different types of mint together to create an alluring blend of rich chocolate & buttercream with cool peppermint and the freshness of spearmint leaves! *MBO 

Gateau d' Automne (Autumn Cake)- A great woodsy/fruity blend perfect for fall! With warm crisp apples, pumpkin, corn husks and spices blended with a touch of dried herbs, and the warm vanilla tones of buttery toffee and creamy caramel! *MBO

Get In Mah Bellay!-  Mixed pistachios, almonds and thicky creamy vanilla custard with a flaky golden pie crust. *MBO

Granny Witch (5 Elements: Earth)- Lush foliage, baked apples, and warm sage, nutmeg & spices. *MBO

Grape Pop- Grape Pop is sure to excite the senses with its fizzy (yes it smells fizzy) sweet grape scent! Grape goodness set on a creamy soda background- YUM!

Groupie- Freshly baked pear and zucchini bread packed into every whiff! Each, drenched in a caramel maple butter and then dusted with warm spices!  *MBO

Hakuna Ma Fuck It- Bubbly club soda and gin with grapefruit citrus accents, delicate florals all rounded out with balsam fir, fresh rosemary and crisp cedar- it's like a big whiff of Tamworth's Garden Flora Gin for the masses! *MBO

Hamilton- Spicy, yet warm, citrusy and invigorating all in one melt; just you wait until you get the refreshing scent of crisp brewed iced tea and freshly squeezed lemons dropped right in. *MBO

Heads or Tails- The bright orange side gives you peaches and cream on a vanilla/coconut ice cream base! While the yellow side brings you fresh kiwi, juicy papaya, mangoes and zingy starfruit! *MBO

High Noon- Slices of warm cinnamon, clove, ginger and sugar cake; between puffs of tobacco smoke through your favorite pipe. *MBO

The Home & Hearth-The scents of warm maple buttercream and apple smoked tobacco. *MBO

The Homer- Fresh warm jelly donuts drizzled with gooey strawberry glaze and topped with colorful sprinkles! Mmmmm donnnnuuuttttssss *MBO

Hyperion- We combined sweet, raw honey with hot cinnamon and apples, creamy caramel, toasted graham crackers and sugar crystals. *MBO

Incantation- A blend of bright orange slices, subtle hints of apples, crushed cloves and cinnamon, streaks of wood all blended gently with woodsy florals and dried twigs. *MBO

I Like My Coffee Black (Just Like My METAL!)- A full fucking blast of nothing but roasted coffee straight to your melter! No hazelnut, no fruits, no nothing, just coffee. BLACK coffee. *MBO

Killer Queen- Fruity/crunchy cereal berries, sweet banana bread and cake cake cake! *MBO

Kink- Fresh, juicy, ripe peaches on a bed of golden brown crust and topped with fluffy Madagascar vanilla buttercream. *MBO

Levitate- Freshly cracked black peppercorns with exotic black cinnamon floating together with warm caramel drizzled shortbread cookies! Hints of smooth vetiver and soft vanilla musk. *MBO

Lola- Zesty lime mixes with lush sweet vanilla to sit atop a warm bed of cushy sugar cake. *MBO

Lord Parcemont- sweet scents of orange Danishes dusted with cinnamon, blended with creamy sweet espresso and warm Italian hazelnuts. *MBO

The Midnight Special- Creamy vanilla ice cream folded into tart blackberries and marshmallow fluff, with a Moonbeams twist of green sage leaves and a hint of herbal spice! *MBO

MJ's Garden Party- A delicious concoction of afternoon tea cakes, honey covered scones, sugar milk, drizzled with blackberry icing and adorned with beautiful creamy bows. *MBO

My Bloody Valentine- creamy dreamy white cake blended with Madagascar vanilla and buttercream frosting and topped it with freshly made raspberry jam! *MBO

The Nightmare of Milky Joe- Fresh coconut milk mixes with sweet nectarines and splashes of creamy vanilla bean. *MBO

No Stranger to Regret- A scrumptious blend of aromatic peaches, mango, mandarin and orange flowers whipped up in fluffy vanilla cream. *MBO

Pay By the Hour- Pink pepper and saffron combine with the effervescence notes of tart lingonberries, zesty apples and Valencia oranges on a bed of bergamot, ebony wood, creamy vanilla and spicy red tea leaves. *MBO

Pickle Surprise- A melt that smells like dill pickles!

Plains & Prairies- Rolled spiced oats with creamy caramel, maple syrup and fluffy marshmallow blend with woodsy patchouli and a hint of baked fresh apples and clove. *MBO

Pleasure Unfolds- Tahitian vanilla swirled into fresh rosebuds, citrusy lemon and powdered sugar with hints of warm butter rum! *MBO

PrimaDonna- Packed full of fresh juicy strawberries, tart rhubarb, buttercream and zucchini bread to bring you a fulfilling bundt of badassness! *MBO

Project MK Ultra- Sweet fluffy vanilla cake topped with Sweet juicy peaches and candied ginger. *MBO

Red Pop- Fresh juicy strawberries on a creamy fizzy soda background make this a truly delectable scent!

Reptilians- Refreshing lemon and lime slices mixed with sparkling soda and crushed mint leaves. *MBO

Saguaro Forest Saloon- A foreigners’ vanilla bean and cinnamon pastry, sweet vanilla spiced tobacco Cuban cigars and velvety cognac. *MBO

Sassafras- The fizziest ginger ale we could find mixed with sweet root beer and rounded out with a dash of herbal horehound. *MBO

Shape Shift With Me- Mango, acai berry sweet pineapple strawberries, raspberries, and sweet passion fruit pair with red currants, juicy plums and sweet sugar crystals. *MBO

Shark Attack- Rum, fresh pineapples, juicy honeydew and milky coconut. *MBO

Spellbound Harvest- Pumpkin funnel cupcake mashup- with delicious cinnamon and caramel swirls.

Spin Spin Sugar- fluffy sweet sugar on a stick with a slight hint of vanilla! (Formerly known as Fairy Floss Delight) *MBO

Splendid Isolation- We took delicious plums and sweet ripened cranberries and mixed them with vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream and waffles.*MBO

Stay Free- Tahitian gardenia, neroli, bergamot, chrysanthemums, white musk, and cherry blossoms on a bed of vanilla buttercream. *MBO

Sweet Little Thing- The sweet aroma of fluffy cotton candy combined with freshly picked raspberries, blackberries and boysenberries sit on a bed of warm buttered crust. *MBO

Tigerlilly's Revenge- warm spices mixed with buttery vanilla pound cake and rounded out with a delicious cup of pipping hot sweet orange tea*MBO

Tooti- Fucking- Fruity- Fruit loops, rich buttercream ice cream and vanilla bean. *MBO

Two for Flinching- Passion melon mixed with boysenberries, sweet strawberry and pomegranate juice and then turns things up to 11 with elderberries, guava and watermelon. *MBO

Wake the Dead- The strong scent of freshly brewed coffee, blended with cocoa powder, hazelnut, sweet buttercream and brown sugar. *MBO

Walk of Shame/Strut of Honor- Warm molasses, decadent crème brulee, and ooey gooey maple and brown sugar glazed cinnamon bread. *MBO

Wandering Star- Ripe bananas mix with coconut milk, clove, bergamot and sugar crystals to lay a foundation for juicy strawberries and sweet whipped cream! *MBO

Welcome to Atlanta- Juicy ripe peaches and oranges are blended with vanilla champagne fizzies *MBO

Wish on the Moon- Plump black currants, juicy figs, peaches and vanilla and mixed with a blend of freshly brewed rooibos tea, and rose petals. *MBO

Wonderland- Freshly brewed tea steeped with lemons, lime, and roses complimented with sweet vanilla cakes topped with maple goodness. 

You Look Like I Need a Drink- Tangy guava mixes with pineapples, limes, lemon and passion fruit inside of a giant margarita cup. *MBO

Your Familiar- Rosemary, eucalyptus, and thyme, with juicy ripe apricots. This scent reminds me of apricot jam on a toasted buttery rosemary bread! *MBO

**MBO - Moonbeams Original