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**MBO - Moonbeams Original

Apache Jump On It- Prickly sprigs of rosemary, lavender and freshly picked sage leaves on a bed of honey, caramel and hints of amber. *MBO

Arabesque- Dark cedar woods blended with musk and spicy coriander, black tea and hints of fall florals (autumn lily and lilac petals) balanced out with toasted pumpkin seeds! *MBO

Bedlam- A lush summer garden with clean florals, crisp apple trees, a cup of tea sitting on a cedar table and a squeeze of citrus and spicy ginger. *MBO

Bed Roll Lullaby– Fields of wild chamomile, with the aroma of white flowers, balsam and pine blowing in the breeze while you doze off using your leather saddle bag as a pillow. *MBO

Bedtime Rendezvous- A soothing blend of lavender and chamomile with gentle white musk, neroli, a gentle kiss of powder and lily of the valley. *MBO

The Briar & Bramble- Lush green oakmoss, cedar leaves and sparkling citrus sit on a bed of violet blossoms, lavender, sandalwood and musk, and full bodied white woods. *MBO

Calm the Fuck Down- Purple: Lavender Vetiver. This soothing scent is like taking a long walk through lavender fields with distinctions of warm musk and sweet sandalwood. Orange: Frankincense and Myrrh. Warm dry woods, balsam, patchouli and Arabian musk will help ease your mind and make you forget about whatever it was that was making you mad in the first place! Yellow: bright citrus oils of lemon, orange and natural lemongrass.

Chasing the Green Fairy- Fresh green herbal notes, amber, star anise and other mysterious scents lay down the fabric for a truly tantalizing scent.

Chemtrails- Rice milk mixed with white musk, sandalwood and sea water on a bed of gentle violet petals with creamy French vanilla and light coconut breezes. *MBO

Conjure- Earl grey tea leaves blended with a hint of greenery, fresh rose buds, and bergamot zest. *MBO

Crimson & Clover- Bursting with cedarwood, sage, rosewood and tuberose with garden spices of nutmeg and clove all tied together with a smattering of sour green apples, hints of baked pecans, patchouli and sweet persimmons. *MBO

Desert Witch- White cactus flowers, lush foliage blended with green moss and cactus stems, and a hint of coconuts and spice. *MBO

Diamond State Heartbreak- smells like an English country garden after a rain storm with rich jasmine, lilies, and wild mint wafting in the morning breeze. *MBO

Dr. Feelgood: Bed- Lavender and chamomile waft about to calm, relax, and soothe you to a restful nights sleep. *MBO (Dr. Feelgood Set)

El Dorado- Take yourself straight to the southwest with this alluring blend of cactus flowers blended with aloe, zesty lime, fresh white flowers and creamy coconut!

Érotique-- Blooming elderflowers and fresh herbs entwined with lemony magnolias and green leaves on a bed of bergamot, sandalwood, cedar and musk. *MBO

Fatally Yours- Fatally Yours combines the refreshingly beautiful scents of vanilla and lily of the valley swirled with the beautiful aroma of rose petals to bring you a floral, feminine and flirty scent. *MBO

Full (Moon Phase Melt)- Fresh lavender, mandarin and bergamot blended with white musk, ylang ylang, sweet gardenia, white moss and vetiver. *MBO

The Grove- A refreshingly juicy blend of ripened pears, crisp apples, peach blossom mixed with spiced cloves musky vanilla and Earl Grey tea. *MBO

Gypsy Punk Hymn- A cool refreshing mix of peppermint, spearmint, thyme, rosemary and sandalwood with a hint of creamy vanilla. *MBO

Harmony- a scent that combines fresh green grass, geraniums, vintage magazines, and sandalwood. *MBO

High Street- Ylang ylang, jasmine, green citrus take your senses straight to London with the earthiness of thick moss, tangled gardens and swirling fog. 

Hippie Chick- Hippie chick brings her spirit straight to your home with top notes of cannabis and lush green ferns opening up to gardenia, violets, white musk and warm golden amber.

Iconoclastic- Fresh & invigorating leafy greens blend into citrus and florals, while resting on a bed of bergamot, pink pepper, amber and white musk! *MBO

The Illuminati- Red wine, ripe blackberries, sandalwood and thyme on a dry woody base. *MBO

Lucky Fever Dream- Fresh pear and blueberries, mingle with refreshing florals of freesia, lilac and hawthorne blended together with wild watermelon, white musk and juniper berries. *MBO

Luna Moth- Warm amber and sweet golden honey blended with sandalwood, dark musks and a hint of buttery almond. *MBO

Luna's Dance- The scents of jasmine, fresh brewed teas, and powdery florals. *MBO

McShingleshane Forest- Damp, earthen moss entwine with musky and woodsy patchouli.  *MBO

Mists of Avalon- Lush green forest, the aroma of earthy damp moss wafting through the leaves with woody amber and a slight hints of linden blossoms, cyclamen and sweet basil. *MBO

Mundungus & The Lady- A beguiling duo of Mediterranean coriander, white lime, Thai Basil and Italian Bergamot with hints of cedar and woodsy pine and citrus zest! *MBO

Mystic- Open your mind to the clean scent of green ozonic top-notes with wild roses. woodland musk, damp earth and clean linen.

New Moon (Moon Phase Melt)-Tangled garden vines, summer citrus bouquets, ripe tomato, raw honey and a hint of overturned earth. *MBO

Nomad By Fate- Raspberry blossoms, white lily, fresh ozone and a hint of apples on a bed of French Bordeaux wine and bright tonka musk. *MBO

Paradise Lost- Summer plumped raspberry vines entwined with clover and wisteria, a hint of sweet grass. *MBO

Pleasure Unfolds- Tahitian vanilla swirled into fresh rosebuds, citrusy lemon and powdered sugar with hints of warm butter rum! *MBO

The Prancing Pixie- Hints of ozone, tall wild grasses and sweet sage, with blooming jasmine, wild woods and whispers of wisteria. *MBO

Ravencroft- Fresh raspberry vines with lemon blossom, fresh picked basil, flowering lilacs and heaps of garden mint and sage. *MBO

Scented Squirrel's Garden- **Formerly known as "Herbalicious" Close your eyes and imagine stepping through a lush green herb garden, soothing earthy sage, fresh basil leaves and crisp mint are enhanced with soft bergamot, orris root, Australian lime, white musk and woods. 

Scrying- Watery leaves, brisk air and clean earthy sage blended with a touch of warm amber. *MBO

Solitude- This calming scent features a honeysuckle and aloe blend that is worthy of any bathroom melter. *MBO

Stay Free- Tahitian gardenia, neroli, bergamot, chrysanthemums, white musk, and cherry blossoms on a bed of vanilla buttercream. *MBO

Summer's Bounty- A dewy August morning, the breeze blowing through towering oaks- the scent carrying freshly fallen leaves, green apples and geraniums with hints of rolling fields of dried herbs, geraniums and mums. *MBO

The Truth is out There- With a blend of woods (to get abducted from) green notes (reminiscent of the little men), amber- vanilla- and orange blossom, this scent is Mulder and Scully approved! 

Unearthed- Long walks in the graveyard after a spring rain! Wafts of florals, white velvet musk and overturned earth. *MBO

Villa Franca- Freshly picked zesty Italian lemons blended with coriander, lemongrass and warm vanilla- with just a hint of cream! *MBO

Waning (Moon Phase Melt)- Ripe juicy peaches, wild Indian oranges, starfruit and tart cranberries. *MBO

Waxing (Moon Phase Melt)- Peach blossom, jasmine milk. Strawberries, apple, and coconut milk combined with eucalyptus, vetiver, pineapple and sun dried driftwood. *MBO

Will 'O the Wisp- Sweet jasmine and rose mix with moss and grass on a bed of cedar wood and patchouli. *MBO

The Witching Hour- Fresh herbal sage leaves entwined with sprigs of rosemary and a hint of lavender wafting in the breeze. *MBO

**MBO - Moonbeams Original