December 2020 Restock List

Returning Scents:

Breakfast Shotz!

Dolly Cakes

Feliz Navidad

Fortuna Forever

Killer Queen

Merry Maker (Prev. Santa Baby)



Moonbeams Midwinter Festivus Extravaganza:

~Bacchanalia- Festive spirits abound, this is a nostalgic scent that envelopes mulled wine at its heart, and abounds through your senses with orange peels, cinnamon and clove and then… a twist darling! Blackberries, also make an entrance in our exquisite new blend with their friends black currant and a musky vanilla and red wine dry down!

~Bewinter- A new unique minty blend that’s more than just a boring ole winter candy cane! Sweetened peppermint from the Straits of Gibraltar blends seamlessly with creamy Mexican avocados and South American guaic wood!

~Danse Macabre- Unite doing the dance of death with us while adoring the enlivened scent of delicious oranges, so many damn oranges swirling around the dancefloor with apples, nutmeg, clove and black licorice! We die in the arms of death with vanilla and warm woody undertones!

~The Golden Bough- Nothing says decadence and hedonistic tendencies than a peek behind the curtain of mankind and their ideals of magic and religion! We travelled first to Sri Lanka and then to Egypt to bring this scent of cinnamon to your home. You better bow down to the sexy and unique blend of dried Ceylon sticks and darkwood barks that we concocted in our cauldron for you!

~The Long Winter- Stay warm through these colder months enveloped in the hug of saffron, plums, and a campfire smoke. Sweet vanilla and nutmeg warm you from the inside while you shelter beneath towering fir trees!

~Masqued- Dazzle amongst the court in your mouthwateringly sweet poached pear best, spinning around the dance floor disguised with your best cask aged brandy in hand as you flaunt vanilla swirls and spices from faraway lands behind you! This scent is an absolute must this season, and every season thereafter!

~Revelry & Rejoice- Now we’re gathered in the dining hall where the star of our scent lineup this season is finally making its grand entrance! Freshly baked apple pies get served before you- a feast for all the senses! We made sure that a warm caramelized vanilla drizzle accompanies this slice of pie while you seek out your next dance partner through swirling pipe tobacco and warmed woody plumes. Get ready, it’s time for the next star of the evening to awaken!

~Saturnalia- Every now and again, I sample delights that take over my life completely and I obsess, longing, wanting, and yearning for it’s triumph in all my daily activities. This scent was inspired by a bag of popcorn I got at Whole Foods. A delicious blessing that anyone can enjoy! Let Saturn himself bless your home with endless strands of hot buttered popcorn adorning an intriguingly twisted scent of juicy tart grapefruits. You’ll want this party to last more than 7 days!

~Stollen- Our party of otherworldly indulgences isn’t over yet my dear- for now we travel to Germany where a fresh baked stollen is ready! Warm baked cinnamon and gingered bread heaping with fruity chunks (this isn’t that boring old, Americanized fruitcake, oh no!) come served heaping with a cardamom and cognac swirl, with hints of musks, molasses and whiskey to bring it all together!

~Wassailing & Mumming- Let your excitement of the night pour out into the streets! You’re so drunk on wassail that it’s time to go mumming! Sing your praises through the streets and at random apple trees while you down a creamy concoction all our own! We took boring old eggnog to new heights, with a steaming mug of hot rum and chai black tea. And rather than cream, we used a cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, vanilla and ginger spiced eggnog to stir it all up! It’s tradition… done the Moonbeams way!

~You ever Drunk Bailey’s From a Shoe?- For the final scent in our holidays extravaganza, we finally made the one scent that’s been requested more than any other. A lover, for the Merman who endlessly searches often getting love games instead. After seeing watercolour after watercolour depicting his love, we brought it to life. I present to you, You Ever Drunk Baileys From a Shoe? Downstairs mix-up (and copyright infringement) be damned, this is the finest blending of Irish whiskey, rich vanilla and butterscotch creamed liquor, and notes of whiskey barrel aged coffee we could present to Old Gregg himself.


New Scents:

Cabin Fever- Stay inside, it’s what we’ve been doing for a whole year! Might as well do it for a couple more days, weeks or even months! Our warm blend of exotic woods, vanilla sugar crystals, and endless spices of cinnamon, clove and cardamom mean you’re all set to stay inside a while longer! A spicy, and warm treat for all!

Ditch Rider- Ditch Rider is the cool cousin you had growing up who lived in the big city. We made a new smoky and seductive black tea blend with spicy florals, figs, and clary sage, all swirled together in an old cauldron with hints of leather and musk. A perfect nod to a perfect song!

Mojave Mists- Let’s take a break from all the pine tree and peppermint scents of the holidays and instead try something a little more… fun! Schlumberger otherwise known as ‘Christmas Cactus” stars in our new fun tropical holiday blend! We allowed it to shine amongst zesty lime juice, drippy agave syrup, and mango tequila margaritas… it’s holidays done tropical!

The Narrow Way- A new scent that is darkly familiar. Tart green apples simmer in a spice pot with blood oranges, clove and nutmeg and brought together on a bed of Patchouli and cedar. And is that incense we smell wafting around as well? It’s pure perfection!

The Satellites and I- We heaped about as many tropical fruits as we could into one to create an out of this world scent that will have you soaring through an otherworldly paradise! Honeyed mangoes, endless peaches, bananas, strawberries, guava and wild berry all make an appearance, brought together with a dark rum and coconut sugar base.

Sisters of the Winter Wood- Black roses star in this new floral/woodsy blend with warm spices, vanilla orchids, and sweet musk amongst an olden woodshed left forgotten in the endless winter months. It’s strange and unusual and oh so Moonbeams!

Soliloquy- Let our dramatic new gourmand blend address you straight to the point with its decadent snickerdoodle cookies, piping hot and drizzled with a toasted hazelnut butter, and a vanilla whipped cream dollop on top!

Wanderlust- I often long for road trips, discovering new places, and learning to feel home no matter where my boots take me, this new scent is just that- fun and new, while being familiar and comforting! Cool spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus come together with herbaceous greens of rosemary, delighting and warming the senses, while creamy vanilla soda brings warm undertones to enliven your day!

Wild Nights- This one was created by our Manbeam himself while watching me work and asking endless questions about oils and how we mix them… so we let him come up with this one! Sweet almond and amaretto star amongst bourbon aged whiskey barrels, with peppery ginger and buttery caramel brown sugar swirls. It’s incredibly sweet and spicy, perfect for a night in with your favorite person.