Dark & Spicy

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**MBO - Moonbeams Original

A Changeling, I Presume- A warm and mysterious scent, combining dark woods of oak and rosewood with a lighter charm of soft lavender and crisp apples. *MBO

A Ghoulish Delight- Spiced tea, ribbon candy and Christmas spirit! (*Formerly known as Krampus).

Akasha's Wish (5 Elements: Spirit)- Smoked French vanilla, tobacco and warm white musk. *MBO 

At Night We Fly (5 Elements: Air)- Fresh ozone, bright tonka musk, cedar, pear, lilies, spruce & juniper berries. *MBO

Bat Out of Hell- This scent is the quintessential scent of fall. Heavily spiced mulled cider.

Bed Roll Lullaby– Fields of wild chamomile, with the aroma of white flowers, balsam and pine blowing in the breeze while you doze off using your leather saddle bag as a pillow. *MBO

Breakfast Shotz!- Fluffy spiced caramel and orange pancakes drizzled with a whiskey maple syrup make this the ultimate melt! *MBO

Catharsis- A slow drink of absinthe with its star anise and fresh green herbal blend of spicy cinnamon, fennel and cassia, and then let's it all unfold on rolls of parchment, and past mistakes! *MBO

The Edge of Night- Sultry Cuban tobacco leaves, spicy florals of jasmine petals, dark musk and amber, and distinctly provocative Oriental spices! *MBO

Fate & Finery- Sweet orange tea accented with fresh rosemary, nutmeg, warm patchouli and a slight garden blend make up this tantalizing scent! *MBO

Fingal's Cave- This melt has a winning combination of rose, cedar wood and cardamom that is comfortably light and airy!

Forest Maiden- Freshly baked sweet English scones with melted butter and honey, vanilla drizzles feature alongside crushed apple blossoms, sweet cranberry, floral jasmine and bruised flowers. *MBO

Get On Your Knees- Chapped genuine leather and wafts of musky wood steeped in the blackest of teas. *MBO

Gunslinger- A masculine yet invigorating scent with notes of gunpowder, sagebrush, flowering white thyme and smoky prairie woods. *MBO

Harvest Moon (Moon Phase Melt Exclusive)- A blend of Earthy spices, oakmoss, hints of sweet woodsy florals, and a heady full bodied steeped red tea all laid on a bed of cedar, amber and sandalwood! *MBO

Hollow Moon- Warm sandalwood, citrus and mint on a bed of coconut, lush green notes and black pepper. *MBO

Hunger of the Pine- The perfect blend of pine with black cinnamon, smooth vetiver and a soft vanilla musk. *MBO

Knotty by Nature- Tall cedar trees, endless pines, and rich fir blended with warm spices and a glimmer of vanilla musk. *MBO

Levitate- Freshly cracked black peppercorns with exotic black cinnamon floating together with warm caramel drizzled shortbread cookies! Hints of smooth vetiver and soft vanilla musk. *MBO

Lone Wanderer- A unique mix of pipe smoke, chapped leathers, a swig of bourbon and smoky firewood. *MBO

The Maharaja- Fresh lemons and fields of strawberries with unique ginger, dark musk and rare rosewoods. *MBO

Maleficio- Earthy spices, weathered barn boards and rustic rosewood & cedar combine with cloves, vetiver, dark amber and oakmoss. *MBO

Malleus Maleficarum- Top notes of smoky dragons blood, mysterious cedar-wood and earthy patchouli blend together on a bed of floral undertones. *MBO

The Master You Serve- Exotic spiced amber blended with dark vanilla musk and a hint of jasmine. *MBO

Moon of My Life- An exotic earthy amber blended expertly with woodlands of moss, fern, cedar and pine on a bed with french vanilla musk. *MBO

Nocturne- Mysterious dark oud wood, blended with warm vanilla frosting and sweet maple syrup, on a bed of toasted graham crackers and a hint of juicy raisins. *MBO

The Northerner- Notes of honey, creamy caramel, cider spice, maple sugar and crunchy fallen leaves. *MBO

Nyctophilia- Take a walk through an exotic woodland with the scent of ebony, deep vanilla and white orchids. *MBO

Old Gregg!- You know the scent, the earthy herbal blends of black pepper, vanilla, and peppercorns, but now it’s time to know the merman the myth the legend that is Old Gregg! Lush- Lord of Misrule Dupe

Rebirth of a Muse (5 Elements: Fire)- Saffron, black cinnamon, smooth vetiver, sandalwood and soft vanilla musk. *MBO

Riders on White Horses- A winter blast of bergamot and teak blend with hints of leather, oud, cedar and vetiver. Seductively manly, yet inviting in winter’s chilly months. *MBO

Ritual of the Maiden- Unique layerings of herbal tea leaves, orange zest, apples, cinnamon and nutmeg and a hint of worn leather. *MBO

Saddle Tramp- Feminine scents of cloves and patchouli, bergamot, amber wood and just a touch of rose petals. *MBO

Sassafras- The fizziest ginger ale we could find mixed with sweet root beer and rounded out with a dash of herbal horehound. *MBO

Scarlet Sonata - Spicy 100 foot pines blend with juicy pomegranates with hints of mulled citruses, and warm clove. *MBO

Smoke & Mirrors- Cider pressed apples mix with pears, hints of clementine, peaches, and spiced with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg while balancing on woods, pine and cedar. *MBO

Talks with the Barn Owl- Musky oud wood combines with cedar smoke, and warm vanilla with background notes of tobacco, amber and forest greenery. *MBO

Toadvine- A warm cozy cottage, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg lend their fragrances on a bed of vanilla. *MBO

Wail of the War Drum- This mysterious scent boasts dark exotic woods, deep vanilla, vetiver and sensual musk. *MBO

Who's Gonna Dig These Graves?- A hauntingly unisex fragrance of amber wood, and black vines entwined with aged bark, bergamot, sea salt and forest lichen! *MBO

Wildcrafting- Bergamot and oranges blended with earthy oak moss, and fresh cut juniper, cut through the crisp air with warming notes of spicy cassia bark, fragrant cedar and crushed cloves. *MBO

Winter's Bride- Cool spring waters and delicate snow crocuses entwine with delicate jasmine, forest woods, hints of sea spray and brisk eucalyptus. *MBO

Yggdrasil- Juicy mulberries and piping hot earl grey tea swirled together with an intoxicating aroma of clary sage, dried violets, winter musk and tea leaves all on a bed of vetiver and rich amber.

**MBO - Moonbeams Original