Gaia's Winter Gatherings

Gaia's Garden November Scents:


~Wildcrafting- Bergamot and oranges blended with earthy oak moss, and fresh cut juniper, cut through the crisp air with warming notes of spicy cassia bark, fragrant cedar and crushed cloves.



~The Highway Home- Tart yet sweet orange zest, rhubarb and black currants mingle amongst creamy cedar woods, festive pine trees, and amber musk!

~The No Hit Wonder- Frosty raspberries, wild cranberries and holly blend seamlessly with sweetened condensed milk and perfect buttery, flaky pie crust!

~Reveries- French vanilla and frosted ivy intermingle with sticky spun sugar, creamy vanilla musk, and winter roses.

~Sacred Heart- Warmed and comforting holiday spices mixed with crushed juicy fresh cranberries, and a smathering of cranberry marmalade!