Brewed Awakenings!

This Cyber Monday we're waking the world's ass up with a 7 scent caffeine collection of epic proportions! Come explore these seven scents of wonder, inspired by some of our favorite blends, and always with a Moonbeams twist that will entice, delight, keep you warm in these cooling times, and of course, keep you awake and wanting more!

The site gets awakened at 9am(est) on Monday November 29! Two collection sizes in Comet Cups and Craters will be available and ready to ship featuring 6 brand new blends and one returning customer favorite!

See what we've brewed up below!

Abducted- Let the aroma of zippy peppermint spiked coconut cream blended into a cup of strong Brazilian mocha make for an irresistible concoction that will take you out of this world!

Black Forest- After watching endless episodes of GBBO over and over and over again, one tasty treat that bakers go for is a Black Forest cake, and naturally we decided to give it the Moonbeams treatment and elevate it to an even better scent! Creamy caramel swirled chocolate roasted coffee beans lead the charge on a base of buttery graham crust, adorned with a frothy marshmallow whipped topping.

Cereal Killer- Get ready for a killer new blend that will throw you through a loop (wink wink nudge nudge). We took the strongest coffee scent we could brew up, and blended it with a certain looped, fruity cereal scent that combined, sounds crazy, but one whiff, will drive you mad for more!

The Midnight Society- Do you dare join the society of darkness with us? Savory, salted, buttery, baked soft pretzel stirred into the delightful cup of strong, luxuriously dark expresso with just a sprinkling of cinnamon. Your initiation will begin shortly!

Night Shift- An ode to those who prefer to work while the world slumbers, we’re here to help keep you awake, our midnight driving force! Rich decadent chocolate swirls in your cup amongst caramel cappuccino, brown sugar and maple mallow crème, we promise to keep you awake long till dawn’s arrival!

Sex Magic- Rich Irish cream coffee swirls with deep dark espresso and buttery rum with hints of coconut milk and smooth whiskey. Pure sex in scent form!

Stroll the Boulevard- On this wonderful afternoon, we shall stroll the streets, coffee in hand and take in all that the glorious city has to offer! A fresh roasted brew, its sweet creamer meticulously swirled in, and combined with a buttery chocolate scone dusted in cocoa powder make this a scent dream come true!