August Restock Scent List!


Bar Breaker- It’s like creamy cherry pie on steroids- heaps of pink sugar crystals, orange citrus cream and coconut aromas with thick creamy vanilla custard.

British Bluebells- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Bluebell’)– Endless fields of the vibrant blue perennials dazzle the senses with dewy wild bluebells, luscious hyacinths, violets and delicate lily of the valley.

Desert Witch- White cactus flowers, lush foliage blended with green moss and cactus stems, and a hint of coconuts and spice.

Donner Party- Creamy, dreamy rivers of butterscotch combined with heady whiskey, smokey vanillas and... is that BBQ we smell?

Tumblestone- Enchanted green forests, their towering cedar and pine trees are the opener to cloves, orange blossoms and hints of raspberries, hints of patchouli and sandalwood, oakmoss and grassy herbals round out this scent!

Wanderlust- Cool spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus come together with herbaceous greens of rosemary, delighting and warming the senses, while creamy vanilla soda brings warm undertones to enliven your day!


Gaia's Garden:

Gypsy Punk Hymn- A cool refreshing mix of peppermint, spearmint, thyme, rosemary and sandalwood with a hint of creamy vanilla.

Living the Dream- We dreamt up the perfect spring walk with blooms of mountain florals, zesty Italian lemons and sweet honey, together with just a touch of thyme. Rounded out with orange blossoms and light santal, it’s truly a dream come true.

Moonlight in Memphis- Delightful glasses of herbal white tea and berry swirled lemonade are elevated in the moonlight on a bed of Ylang Ylang and watery florals.

Pollywogs- Stunning fern leaves and herbal blends play host to bergamot, musk, and blooming fragrant jasmine on a bed of woodsy teak.

The Witching Hour- Fresh herbal sage leaves entwined with sprigs of rosemary and a hint of lavender wafting in the breeze.



Black & Blue- We mixed the dark with the even darker and created a darkly delicious new blend of floral patchouli, and sweet vanilla, swirling with the deepest blackest licorice we could find!

Hell or Highwater- A pond hidden up in the mountains tucked away where only the locals know. Morning mists sweep across the body of water with touches of musk and rum, and the smell of rifles having been fired off after a long night of partying.

Jingle & Go- Down at Pinky’s Roadhouse on Highway 69 you’ll find the best damn soda fountain around and we’re bringing you the goodness right to your home (no road trip needed)! The sweetest of cherry syrup blended into a fizzy soda blend like no other. This fun new blend will make you Jingle & Go all night!

Lapsang Lullabies- Calm the tense nerves you (and we all) have been feeling lately with this new blend of deep red steeped tea, smoked saffron leaves, and pink peppers on a bed of swirling warm ambers, delicate sandalwood, and subtle clover leaves help round this ethereal new scent.

Stregha Nonna- It’s time to meet the grandmother of our star scent from last holiday season Stregheria. A crackling kitchen hearth fire lays base to the warmest blending of Valencia blood oranges, allspice, cinnamon and warm vanilla, heaps of brown sugar and clove buds. Strega Nonna takes what Stregheria did and brings a sense of warmth and love that only a doting grandmother can do!


A Taste of Fall:

Apparition- A frighteningly sweet scent reminiscent of a certain "Berry Scary" Halloween breakfast cereal! Fresh blueberries mixed with sweet cream and endless marshmallows.

Baba Yaga's Butter Beer- Hot buttered rum, with notes of brown sugar, frothy cappuccino and dashes of clove!

Bewitched- Mashed sweet potatoes play host to dark buttery rum, spicy cinnamon, toasted brown sugar and vanilla beans, melted butter with notes of mulled fruits.

Cross My Heart, Hope to Die- Warm chocolaty cake topped with sweet strawberry buttercream frosting.

Paid in Brains!- Juicy and oozing with blood… oranges, goji berries, and black currants on bed of musky island vanilla, white ambers and golden honey.

Spellbound Harvest- Pumpkin funnel cupcake mashup- with delicious cinnamon and caramel swirls.