Aquatic/Fresh & Clean

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**MBO - Moonbeams Original

Dr. Feelgood- Couch- A sinus clearing 100% soy wax melt that will get that gunk out of your nose! This is best to melt during the day, when you're trying to stay awake! (Dr. Feelgood Set) *MBO

I Still Believe- Aquatic florals and sea moss are mixed with dewy green notes lead to a refreshing oceanic fragrance that is sure to send your senses into vacation mode! *MBO

Mercy of the Waves- An earthy blend of rare driftwoods, spices and amber, a fresh rain on the open seas and a tidal musk. *MBO

Our Lady of the Salton Sea- Breezy sea currents waft through with feminine florals, sea salt spray, and hints of citrus, all sitting on a bed of water mint, cedarwood and vetiver. *MBO

Plain Sailing Weather- Salty sea breezes combine with a fall rainstorm, a gale at sea with notes of sea weed, green ozone and a hint of ocean florals. *MBO

Sand in the Gears- A fabulous blend of musky sea weed, blue agave flowers, green ozone, sandalwood and salty sea breezes. *MBO

Scrying- Watery leaves, brisk air and clean earthy sage blended with a touch of warm amber. *MBO

Sun Diego- Summery scents of beach flowers, ocean air and suntan lotion mixed with warm summer air and sweet melons! *MBO

Witching the Well (5 Elements: Water)- Fresh morning dew, watery leaves, and brisk morning air. *MBO