April Restock Scent List!

It's time to restock the store my loves! And with spring comes floral favorites and some brand new flower power scents! There will be new sizes of scents and plenty of these 26 delicious blends to go around!


Returning Scents:

  • ~ An Unholy Confession
  • ~ Chasing the Green Fairy
  • ~ Cult of Demeter
  • ~ Devil's Rose Jam
  • ~ Gnome Home
  • ~ The Homer
  • ~ I Still Believe
  • ~ Mystic
  • ~ Raise A Wreck
  • ~ Riders on White Horses
  • ~ Saguaro Forest Saloon
  • ~ Splendid Isolation


Freshly picked from Gaia’s Garden:

  • Erotique
  • Prime Meridian
  • Ravencroft
  • Scrying
  • Stay Free
  • Will O' the Wisp


New Scents:

Absinthe in the Afternoon-We combined delicious earl grey tea, warm almond and vanilla macarons (flown in straight from Laduree in Paris of course) and then something poisonous… is that absinthe?!
Betwixt & Between- Travel the line between the known and unknown with this unique blending of barley grass, basil and bergamot (we let the B’s really shine in this one!) Notes of wildflowers, citrus and tarragon leaves round it all out!
Front Porch Sessions- There’s nothing like sitting on the front porch with your friends, the scent of crisp violets, jasmine and fresh sheets blowing in the wind. The sun shining on your face, the warmth of summer embracing you with smiles, laughs and good times.
The Gatekeeper- We love this concoction of apple orchards on the edge of a endless pine trees, their pine cones covering the ground. We brought it to the current season with mossy vines, bamboo stalks, and dark watery musk!
Luminaria- Light the way along your own darkened path with uplifting sage and white tea, blended with invigorating citrus notes, lily and an herbal twist thanks to nopal leaves!
Moodring- Delicious strawberry cream frosted sugar cookies lay down the base to this scent while creamy swirled black tea lends the perfect companion to this delightful new blend!
Smack by Bishop- Looming in an old Essex cathedral, incense smoke fills the confession chamber mingling with woodsy palo santo, neroli, papal patchouli, vetiver, and musk. Cardamom & clove smoke round out this earthy prodigal delight!
Under Your Spell- Earl grey tea blends seamlessly into buttery vanilla marshmallow swirls and mixed with a sweet cotton candy creamer!