2019 Moonbeams Pre-Order Extravaganza (Part 1)!

  • The pre-order is open from June 7-16.
  • 6/18- Supplies have been ordered! *Once supplies start rolling in we will begin production on the melts!




This June we're opening the vault and unleashing nearly every scent we make for your ordering pleasure! After the success of last years epic restock, we've fined tuned this years event and will have two phases, the first debuts on Friday June 7 and will be done alphabetically "#-L". Phase 1 will have 67 items available for purchase in various sizes, with no quantity cap! Items will be available for order from June 7-June 16. I will then place all of the orders and we will begin production! Items will have a 5 week TAT and are scheduled to ship the week of July 22.

Once all of the orders have shipped we will put any remaining items on the site as RTS products! Phase 2 will roll out tentatively in August: alphabetically "M-Z". Details will follow once phase one is complete.

Below is a full list of items that will be available as a pre-order! DON'T PANIC! If there is a scent that we offer but is not listed, we have plans for it. Hold tight, I promise all will be revealed! This page will be available in our drop down menu to see the pre-order status through every stage! We will also keep our Insta updated with the very latest, so you always know what's happening behind the scenes!



    The pre-order will be open from June 7- June 16. These items have a 5 week TAT from the cutoff (June 7). And are scheduled to start shipping in late July. 


    If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to reach out at moonbeamswaxmeltz@gmail.com