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Well hello there Moonbeams! We have decided to move forward in a more sustainable direction with our products. After a TON of feedback from the Gaia's Garden collection (no dyes, no glitter/additives) we have decided to cut all glitter, confetti, and non wax toppings from our products. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, this change will mean a departure from many of the looks that you have come to know and love, but the welcomed addition, of no specks of stuff in your melter (and less cleanup at the Moonbase hooray!)
So what can you expect?
  • Over the coming months we will be creating all new looks for our meltz (same shapes and sizes!) that currently have glitter toppings.
  • All new scents rolling out will be glitter-free, while current melties with glitter will begin to get phased out and updated.
  • Some of the more classic glitterized scents (The Truth is Out There, Old Gregg, Our Lady of the Salton Sea etc...) will continue their glittery ways until the glitter is gone (don't want to throw it away and be wasteful all willy nilly!)

But that's not all we're changing!

  • We're also doing away with clamshell packaging for our Moon Phase Meltz. Going forward they will be available in our signature 4 sq bags, as either sets, or individually. Cutting out the clamshells saves money and extra plastic that was not recyclable.

Here's something you may not have known!

  • Let's talk stuffing! Moonbeams has always and will continue to only use recycled products (packing peanuts, paper) that we use to secure your meltz when in shipment. Yes you read that right, all of the bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and paper used as stabilizers in your packages has come to us by way of our suppliers, other orders we receive and as recycled/gifted packing material that our friends and family save for us. That means we're keeping costs low by not purchasing filler, as well as re-using what we already had just waiting to be used!


As someone who is diligent with my recycling at home and personally, it's imperative that I do the same with my business. I am always looking for ways that we can scale down our use of plastics, and re-use/do away with supplies that in the end just aren't needed. 

I can't wait to see what awesome new designs we come up with and will continue to keep you all in the loop of what's to come with Moonbeams. 


Peace, Love and Moonlight ~ Stephanie 


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