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Moonbeams Wax Meltz are awesome wax melts that smell divine, look magnificent, and have absurd names. We hand make all of our meltz from our secret moonbase in Detroit, Michigan!

Happy Melting! Stephanie

July Restock

July Restock Scent List



~The Homer


~Lord Parcemont

~Parlour Talks


~The Tramp


~ Moon Phase Meltz


~Ancestors- Cardamom and tobacco, spicy nutmeg & clove mix with peppercorns, musk and woods in a smoky swirl.

~Banished- Raw honey and cozy spices mingle together with mountain florals, rich cocoa butter and herbal tobacco leaf. A perfectly smooth and sensuous fragrance!

~Monsoon Swoon- Coconut milk and Malibu rum wash over your senses with suntan lotion breezes, and mouthwatering pineapples, peaches and papayas entrance you to another level!

~Morning in the Market- We took a combination of creamy chocolate and coffee, stirred in drizzly caramel, heaps of spiced maple and plopped a big ole marshmallow right on top. It's a creamy dreamy delight!

~Nightfall- Let us sooth you into the summer night with sophisticated scents of jasmine and spicy florals, white musks and chicory wood blend into hints of tea leaves and rounded out with sweet plump peaches.

~Pom Wonderful- Fruity juicy pomegranates sparkle amongst iced prosecco, sweet raspberry and apples, cherries and lemon slices aplenty. It's a fruity oasis for your home!

~Practical Magic- Prepare to be enchanted with desert wildflowers in full bloom, freesia and poppys are balanced out with cool greens, sandalwood and nude musks.

~Stardust- Juicy, plump raspberries blend with vanilla cream soda and just a touch of minty ice cream!

~Suns Out, Buns Out- A grapefruit fizzy gin drink blends with honeydew and limoncello, while breezes of salty tropical ocean flowers, envelop you in the perfect summertime scent. Not too sweet, not to fresh, just... perfect.

~Weapon of Sass Destruction- This sweet little tart is a lemon drop dream! Four different lemon blends come together with nuances of citrus peels, lemon glaze, lemon cakes and candies galore!

Gaia’s Garden:

~Black Sunshine- Luscious black currants, tangled blackberry vines, delicate saffron, and turning the path to a star anise, fennel/absinthe potion! 

~Daybreak- Lily of the Valley (my favorite flowers!) play host with elderflowers, sweet nectar and fragrant moss covered bramble. Light and refreshingly earthy.

~Iconoclastic- Fresh & invigorating leafy greens blend into citrus and florals, while resting on a bed of bergamot, pink pepper, amber and white musk!

~Nighthawks- Soar amongst the sequoia's  and birch trees at night with plump juniper berries, cassis and orange peels on a bed of deep vetiver and musk!

Moon Phase Meltz- COMING SOON!

Moon Phase Meltz