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Moonbeams Wax Meltz are awesome wax melts that smell divine, look magnificent, and have absurd names. We hand make all of our meltz from our secret moonbase in Detroit, Michigan!

Happy Melting! Stephanie

January Restock- Wednesday Jan. 29 @ 6pm(est)




~Cheat Day

~ClockWERK! Orange

~Dear Colorado

~The Home & Hearth

~Luna's Dance



~Riders on White Horses


~Damnation - A different type of scent for this time of year that I think helps to round out our ever-growing scents that we keep in rotation! Sweet and refreshing iced tea blended with delicate florals, while hosting a delicious apple cider accord! Sugary vanilla, tonka and fried cinnamon donuts help make this a scent you won’t be able to get enough of!

~Decadence & Debauchery- It’s like walking into grandma’s kitchen after playing in the snow all afternoon! A smattering of fresh golden baked bread rolls, heaps of Danish pastries drizzled with vanilla cream icing, and a zesty orange pumpkin butter to spread around. I love this damn scent

~The Enchantress- A beautiful floral, yet sweet fragrance to brighten up the winter months! The Enchantress features a sweet ripened fig and rose vanilla cream blended with Italian waffle cookies. Not too gourmand, not too gardeny, it’s the perfect delicate blending of our favorite things!

~The Hart & Hunter- Firewood roasted chestnuts and sweet vanilla bean & musk star in this fabulous new blend for 2020! Warming vanilla bean will swirl around your home with notes of cedar woods, dried oranges, and heady tobacco leaves. Another roasty toasty warm Moonbeams blend!

~Kitchen Witch- Stir up some magic in your kitchen with hanging dried herbs of thyme, fennel and anise, swirling in a cauldron of tart grapefruit juice and dried orange peels; with hints of light eucalyptus and brought together with vanilla bean marshmallow! A refreshing and enlightening blend!

~Old Souls- Bring some old friends around while you melt this delight! Warm chai and butterscotch infused bourbon star in this new fragrance spiced with cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon & ginger while rich vanilla and pumpkin clove make an appearance as well!

~Wayward & Gone- Crispy and frosty, light and fresh for the chilly winter months! Wayward & Gone features cool winter breezes, with frosty sleet forming in the afternoon. With nuances of leafy greens, dried crunchy leaves, slight citron and a subtle hint of spring herbs letting you know spring will be arriving… eventually!


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